SB Independent Endorses Gregg Hart for Assembly

Published in the Santa Barbara Independent on May 5, 2022.

As 2nd District county supervisor, Gregg Hart has been a forceful but thoughtful advocate for criminal justice reform, for programs for people without homes, and for those suffering from mental health and addiction issues. We were especially impressed with the leadership Hart displayed during the COVID crisis. As board chair, he used his position to spread the word on best practices by hosting weekly panel discussions/press conferences that made our county’s overworked public health administrators available to the public and the media for questions. He was always prepared and never grandstanded. He used his bully pulpit to push better education over more enforcement, a plan that worked well. Hart, a successful career politician and accomplished policy wonk, knows the difference between how government is supposed to work and how it actually functions. We’re confident that when he goes to Sacramento, Hart will provide strong support at the state level for many of the massive challenges confronting elected officials at the local level.