Montecito Journal Endorses Gregg Hart

Published in the Montecito Journal on May 12, 2022.

We endorse 2nd District County Supervisor Gregg Hart for State Assembly. Gregg Hart could not be more prepared to represent the Central Coast in the state legislature. 

Hart’s opponent, Mike Stoker (a former County Supervisor and Trump’s West Coast EPA Administrator) is famous for coining the phrase “lock her up”. We believe that such divisive and mean-spirited political shenanigans should have no place in Santa Barbara’s leadership.

A native Santa Barbarian, Supervisor Hart is a consummate Democratic insider whose service on the Santa Barbara Planning Commission, the Santa Barbara City Council from 1986-1994, and most recently, the 2nd District County Supervisor.

Gregg Hart could not be more prepared to represent the Central Coast in the state legislature. As Chair of the Board of Supervisors, Hart showed strong leadership during the COVID crisis working with County
Public Health to hold regular press conferences to keep Santa Barbara residents in the loop on the everchanging mind-spinning myriad of rules and regulations around masking, vaccination eligibility, business closures, etc. And his local focus on homelessness and Transportation bodes well for his advocacy on these fronts in Sacramento. Hart is a sophisticated career politician with preternatural affinity for understanding complicated policy matters and will no doubt hit the ground running in Sacramento.

The defining relationship between the county and the state is money, and in Sacramento – yank begets bank – and Gregg Hart’s got yank in spades. We’re hopeful that that despite
his many years in politics, Hart will bring a fresh perspective to this new job and break
out of some old habits of looking inside used box for solutions to new and ever-escalating challenges faced by people of the Central Coast.